Walt Tkaczuk Jersey  Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Peace and Planet

Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Peace and Planet

On Monday, October 12th, the Coordinating Committee of Peace and Planet met in New York. Among other matters, we discussed our concerns about the present conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. There are 15 countries already involved in the fighting. Two Nuclear weapon powers are facing each other. The danger of World war 3 is not unrealistic!

We agreed that we would call for the following of the global peace movement:

1. Aim for December 10th, United Nations Human Rights Day with the slogan peace is a human right!

2. Global actions on the local, regional and national level, leading up to December 10th.

The US Peace Council convened several peace organizations immediately after the meeting. to call for actions!

We agreed that November 11, the end of World War 1, should be a Day of global action!

We have united on these demands:

1. Immediate diplomatic negotiations to end the conflict in Syria involving all interested parties, especially the Syrian Government.

2. Removal of all NATO forces from the states bordering Russia. Dismantle NATO!

3. Remove all foreign troops from Afghanistan.

We are proposing we operate under the banner: Alliance to stop World War 3.

Together where ever we are, we are must raise our voices. Together!

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