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Main areas of Activity of the International Federation for Peace and Conciliation

The main motto of the Federation is this: “Peace in One’s Own Business and Throughout the World”. We need peace, above all, at our home. Over the last few years, IFPC has made maximum efforts to secure peace at our home, lest it be shaken by ethnic, confessional and regional separatism so that the spirit of true conciliation pervade society.

Today, the world needs a different culture, new system of values. The culture of violence that has not gone yet must be succeeded by the culture of non-violence, tolerance , mutual understanding, solidarity. Such must be culture of the world. In this connection, of special significance is the current international decade of world culture and non-violence in the interests of the children of our planet, conducted at the initiative of UN ECOSOC.

IFPC, with its solid intellectual potential and traditions has perceived world culture, combining it with the traditions of Russia and other CIS countries and increasingly makes efforts to make it an important factor of uniting society, its democratization and stable just development.

The problem of human rights and freedoms in Russia and other independent states has always been in the center of IFPC attention. FMC has done a lot to secure these rights in reality.

IFPC has been organizing and conducting public examination of some important draft laws; the results of this work are communicated not only to the Russian law-makers, but also to their colleagues in the CIS countries.

There are 350,000 to 500,000 non-governmental organizations in Russia today. IFPC may well be playing a key role in this network by informing the authorities of the state of public opinion in different regions of Russia .

IFPC actively assists the settle men t of ethnic, social, religious and other conflicts in Russia and combats any manifestations of xenophobia, nationalism and chauvinism, wherever these occur.

IFPC is a permanent participant of numerous peace-making actions, advocates the strengthening of a nuclear non-proliferation regime, the curbing of the mass destruction weapon arsenals. IFPC does all it can to consolidate the funda men ts of international law and order, assisting the peaceful and humanitarian initiatives of the UN.

IFPC is emphatically against the barbarous actions of international terrorist organizations, denounces acquiescence to terrorists and harboring thereof.


Current activity of IFPC

At present, regular activity of IFPC is based on three permanent on-going programs:

1. International cooperation for peace, solution of global security problems, disarma men t and settle men t of conflicts

2. Civil society and human rights.

3. Conservation of cultures and humanitarian cooperation

The IFPC information-and-analytical center, as a matter of routine, arranges photo-stands devoted to such meetings, publishes brochures, places information at the IFPC site in the Internet, and forwards information to the federal and regional mass media, member- and partner-organizations.

In September of 2003, Secretary General of the Council of Europe recom men ded that the Federation for Peace and Conciliation be granted a consultative status in that organization.


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